Q: What happened to the Main Index page of Woody's Lounge?

A: The URL http://www.wopr.com changed on Oct. 30, 2009, to http://Lounge.WindowsSecrets.com. At that time, the discussion board formerly titled Woody's Lounge merged with Windows Secrets and became the WS Lounge. Woody Leonhard, the founder of the Lounge, is still involved and regularly contributes articles to the Windows Secrets Newsletter.

The former home page of the Lounge is now known as the Lounge Lobby. It was previously referred to as the Main Index in an earlier version of our discussion board software.

Q: How do I return to the Lounge Lobby after I've been browsing a forum or other stuff in the Lounge?

A: After you navigate away from the Lounge Lobby, simply:

  1. Click the Lounge Lobby link in the breadcrumb trail that appears atop every page; or
  2. Click the word Lobby in the 2nd-level menu to return to the top of the Lounge.