I am using Windows XP SP3 Pro.

This might be an easy thing to do, but I sure cannot figure it out...

I have a folder containing a large number of files. I would like to change the font color of a few of the file names so that they would stand out from the rest and be easier to locate when the folder is opened with no matter what client software (Outlook, Winword, Explorer, Excel, etc. etc.). I would like to be able to color file names in red, blue, green, yellow, purple, or any other color of my choice. Is this possible? Is there a free utility for accomplishing this task?

Note: I am well aware that I could work around this issue by, for example, naming files using different methods, putting them in different folders, compressing them (so that Windows colors them blue), or that I could color folders instead of file names. But that is not what I would like to accomplish -- I really would like to be able to apply a different color of my choice to file names!

It would be nice to use any other Windows software (such as Windows Explorer, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, etc. etc.) and be able to see the colored file names when browsing/opening files.