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    Exclamation File History Randomly Excluding Some Files and Folders Why?

    I recently upgraded my Windows 7 machine to Windows 8 and I set up File History using a network drive as my target. My C:\users folder already contained user data in both C:\users\public and C:\users\admin. I started File History for the very first time while logged in with my admin account. File History correctly copied the Libraries, Desktop, Contacts, Favorites associated with user "admin". However, most, but NOT ALL of the files associated with user "public" were copied to the target drive during this same initial run of File History.

    Examining the files and folders (containing files) that did not get copied, I could find no common denominator to explain their seemingly random exclusion.

    I spent nearly a week working with techs (levels 1-3) at Microsoft support, but the problem has still not been solved. Among the possibilities ruled out include file encryption issues and account permissions. Finally it was suggested to me that I simply copy all of the pertinent C:\users\public folders & files to their corresponding folders located in C:\users\admin, and then run File History again. I expected it to work, but it didn't. Once again, File History seems to be randomly excluding some files and folders. This continues to be the case with either a first run, or even with some changed files on subsequent runs.

    Has anybody else seen this?


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    Create a new library and add the uncopied Files or folders to that library.

    Be aware there is a bug in File History that causes it to make multiple copies of files even though they haven't changed. Turning off Home Groups seems to help in some cases.


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