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    Microsoft Word Date Calculation Tutorial

    The attached document shows how to do a wide range of date and time calculations in Word, including:
    Expressing dates with ordinal numbering (eg 1st of January 2000), with or without superscripting;
    Adding or subtracting a number of years, months, weeks or days to a date;
    Calculating the difference between two dates;
    Converting between Gregorian and Julian Calendars;
    Calculating dates for Easter - for the Gregorian and Julian Calendars;
    Generating date sequences;
    Using Date/Time calculations to vary/conditionally display text and images;
    Adding or subtracting times
    The tutorial also discusses how the fields can be adapted for use in forms and mailmerges.

    This thread is the successor to the original one on this topic, which was first posted in the old Lounge way back in 1994. That thread seems to have gone AWOL at some stage ...


    Note: Any discussions should be made in a new thread - they cannot be added to this one.
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