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    Microsoft Word Catalogue/Directory Mailmerge Tutorial

    Attached is a tutorial on how to use Word's mailmerge facility to create lists sorted by category.

    Microsoft has similar articles at:
    but my tutorial goes way beyond those articles' scope by:
    a ) providing a sample data source that can be used to demonstrate/test the use of different keys,
    b ) including working mailmerge fields
    c ) adding examples to show how:
    . text can be categorised using two keys
    text can be added after the repeated data
    group and sub-group counts and totals can be calculated without the need for such fields in the source data
    to create a two-column output
    to create a series of tables from the merged data
    to shade alternate rows when merging to a table
    to merge to email
    Plus, unlike the field coding suggested by the MSKB articles, my approach doesn't insert extra lines for Excel data sources.

    Note 1: Please read the tutorial before trying to use the mailmerge main document for a mailmerge - the merge field coding you'll need is in the tutorial and has to be copied from there into the mailmerge main document before you can do a mailmerge.

    Note 2: Any discussions should be made in a new thread - they cannot be added to this one.

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