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    Apparently the "Flattening..." process was so successful that the document became invisible and the printer driver was unable to find it!

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    open in photoshop
    flatten it
    then print

    sounds like there is just too much crap in too many layers for the flatten function to work

    if PS chokes then you may need more ram andor scratch disk to do this

    why people dont flatten their pdf before releasing is a mystery

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    When you are talking about a specific PDF, you should realize that it may be protected, and one of the various forms of protection is that the recipient may allowed to read it, but he is not allowed to print it. There is a tutorial from Adobe explaining the intricacies of this at How to Protect PDF Documents. You might treat that as homework, as it is well worth remembering.

    See if you can select text from the screen display; if not, then it may be a form of protection or it may be that the system sees it as a graphic and not as text.

    Apart from that, check to see that the file association is with the correct program, and check to see if the relevant printer is the default. If the computer has both Adobe Reader and either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat DC installed, I think Adobe will insist that Acrobat must take precedence over the lowly Reader.

    That is the official stuff, if you google it you will find a million workarounds and alternatives.

    Edited to add: If copying the content of the PDF is good enough for you, then Greenshot will capture a screenshot and save it for you in Word.

    This detail must have been in another thread, but someone had to have something for the tax department, and The Taxman is surely the poster child for documents, especially PDFs, that he does not want tampered with. You mess with those at your peril. Adobe could advertise or demonstrate PDF protection using tax documents more effectively than with any other example.
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