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Thread: Error 2343

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    Error 2343

    I have been trying to install Office 2000 Premium on a Windows NT4 computer at the office, but have not had any success. Error 2343 popped up, I looked up a knowledge base article, downloaded err2343.exe, installed it, restarted the computer, and tried installing Office 2000 again. Error 2343 is still there.

    I have been told that error 2343 appears if Lotus Notes had been installed then uninstalled. That is not the case with this computer, which has Lotus notes installed, but not uninstalled.

    Other computers in the office (all Windows NT 4, and all with Lotus Notes installed on them) have not had this problem with error 2343, or any other error. What is going on? How can I resolve this problem? Thank you.

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    Re: Error 2343

    Even though you have tried the utility, you might want to take a look at OFF2000: Internal Error 2343 During Setup

    Specifically, it is unclear if the utility fixes the notes.ini part, so you may want to try that manually. Also, you can walk through the other steps, to see if the utility did them correctly.

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    Re: Error 2343

    Thanks, James. Your solution worked. I didn't even need the patch. I appreciate the help.

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