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    Optimal Browser Settings for Using these Boards

    Updated by HansV and BrianL to reflect new versions of popular browsers.

    To take full advantage of all that the Lounge has to offer, you should ensure that your browser allows first-person cookies from and that JavaScript is enabled.

    The Lounge uses first-person browser cookies to recognize you and store some of your preferences. If you block the Lounge's cookies, then you will not be able to post. If you clear the Lounge's cookies between visits, you will need to sign in each time you come to the site. The Lounge does not use third-party cookies, which are the kind that raise privacy concerns (advertising firms use third-party cookies for tracking purposes).

    The Lounge uses pop-up panes to provide help information, smilies, and special markup you can use in composing posts. If your browser or security software blocks our site's Javascript or pop-up panes, these features will not work.

    The following describes the settings for the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer and Firefox. There's a note about Opera at the end.

    Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
    • Choose Tools, Internet Options...
    • Activate the Privacy tab.
    • Click Sites.
    • Enter in the text box.
    • Click Allow.
    • Click OK to close the "Per site privacy actions" dialog.
    • Activate the Security tab.
    • Click Custom level...
    • Scroll down the list until you see the Scripting section.
    • Set "Active Scripting" to Enabled.
    • Click OK to close the "Security settings" dialog.
    • Click OK to close the "Internet Options" dialog
    • Note: some features may not work in Internet Explorer 8. If you experience this, click the Compatibility Mode button next to the address bar to open the Lounge in IE 7 compatibility mode.

    Firefox 2, 3
    • Choose Tools, Options... (MacOS: Firefox, Preferences; Linux: Edit, Preferences)
    • Activate the Security tab.
    • Click Exceptions...
    • Type in the box.
    • Click Allow.
    • Click Close to close the Exceptions dialog.
    • Activate the Content tab
    • Check the box labeled "Enable Javascript."
    • Click OK to close the dialog.
    • Note: If you use the NoScript extension to allow/block scripts by site, allow using the NoScript status bar icon.

    If you use Opera as your browser, you can view and post messages, but attaching a file is not possible with the browser's default settings. To enable attachments, do the following:

    • Select Tools | Quick Preferences } Edit site preferences.
    • Activate the Network tab.
    • Select "Identify as Firefox" or "Identify as Internet Explorer" from the "Browser identification" dropdown.
    • Click OK.

    After changing any browser settings, you'll need to Reload/Refresh your Lounge browser window to make the settings "take"!

    Now you're all set for Lounging - enjoy.
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