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    Run-time error '595'

    After installing Office 2000 SR-1 and whatever security updates Microsoft recommended (don't remember now what they are), I get the following VB message (in a dialogue box) everytime I try to start up Word 2000: "Run-time error '595'. The toolbar doesn't exist." And Word hiccups for a few seconds before it displays that box. Any ideas how to get rid of this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Run-time error '595'

    Click on Start, Run and type (without the quotes) "winword.exe /a" [Thanks to Phil Rabichow for this tip] which will start Word without ANY templates loaded. If it starts without a hitch, then close Word and go to crogram filesmicrosoft officeofficestartup (or possibly elsewhere depending on your OS) and rename to normal.old. If there's any other templates there, change the extensions as well. will be regenerated when you start Word again. Presuming all goes well, then systematically close Word, rename one of the templates with the .dot extension and open Word. Continue closing Word, and opening Word, renaming each template with dot until you're able to track down which template is causing you difficulties.

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    Re: Run-time error '595'

    Thanks for the effort, but it didn't work. Meaning that it opened fine without the templates, and I renamed, but then it showed the same run-time error after it re-ran.

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    Re: Run-time error '595'

    Hi schlomb,

    You didn

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