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Thread: Merging (2003)

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    Merging (2003)

    Hi there
    I have a user who has quite a big Excel spreadsheet she needs to merge with a letter in Word. The spreadsheet has quite a few functions in them and e.g. percentages (formatted to percentage) where the number of decimals have been formatted to 2 (some of them ha about 7 originally). When merging it into Word the percentage is dropped (it divides by 100 as well) and it shows a lot of decimals. Please could you advise on how to tell the merge to copy the content of the spreadsheet to appear the same as the Excel Spreadsheet? I tried to copy and paste special in Excel, they can't round the figures either as it is quite sensitive information with regards to salaries.


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    Re: Merging (2003)

    In Word, select Tools | Options...
    Activate the General tab.
    Tick the box labeled "Confirm conversion at Open".
    Now proceed to step 3 of the Mail Merge Wizard again, and click "Browse..."(if you're starting anew) or "Select a different list..." (if you already created the merge document)
    After selecting the Excel workbook, you will be prompted to confirm the data source.
    The default choice is OLE DB. Select MS Excel worksheets via DDE instead, and click OK.
    Number formatting from Excel will now be preserved in the merged document.

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