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    Excel Won't open (97-->)

    I have a user at work who uses Excel quite a lot, the problem is that she has a large amount sent to her via email and has found that when she tries to open them from the email, excel fires up but the workbook is not there. I thought a solution was to drag it onto the desktop and then try and open it from there, alas it did not open but a dialogue box pops up saying that the file path is not recognised and then lists the path name!!!

    We originally thought it was a corrupt Excel 97 so we upgraded to 2000 but the issue is still there. I can open the excel workbook from my PC so it is not the book

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Excel Won't open (97-->)

    Let her try Pieterse's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in XL,290455>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in XL<!/post>.

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