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    Contacts Folder Problems (Office 2000)

    When I drag/drop a contact to the Inbox icon on my Outlook Shortcuts Bar, nothing is displayed in the "address line" of the new msg. The contact's info (address, phone number, email, etc.) is displayed in the "body" or "editor" of the new msg.....which defeats the purpose of drag/drop. Why does this happen??? I've opened every window, clicked on all the buttons...I can't seem to resolve this issue. It's driving me bananas <img src=/S/bananas.gif border=0 alt=bananas width=33 height=35> PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Re: Contacts Folder Problems (Office 2000)

    I was not a big user of the Outlook Bar. However, if you are in your Contacts list and want to generate a new message to that person, there should be a right-click or regular menu option for that.

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