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    Laptop won't turn on

    I have a Compaq Presario 1247 I use when travelling. Last week I was in a rush to leave the hotel room and shut it down manually as usual. But I closed the cover before it turned off. Now it is completely dead. It will not boot from the battery or from a direct plug in connection. It won't do anything. I have tried pulling the battery, plugging, unplugging while holding down various keys, etc. etc, Nothing works. This happened once before, but after a few days it booted back up and was fine. I was careful never to shut the case before it was completly off until now. I'm absolutely stumped. Is there a reset or something I can get it to boot with? It doesn't show a battery being installed at all--that is, the light for battery power doesn't light up. But you can run it with the battery out if it is plugged in. So--any ideas????

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    Re: Laptop won't turn on

    If you follow the Support and Troubleshooting link from, you can enter Presario 1247 into the model information and click the >> button. This will take you to a page where you can select Compaq Presario 1247 Notebook PC.

    On this page you should select the Solve a problem link and follow the link marked Power from the problem solving page.

    Although none of the links on this page looks to me like it will solve your problem, you may want to review some of them. You can then follow the Contact HP link to a page that will allow you to email a technical query to HP, where you may also find further help, or even follow the link to "chat to an online technician".

    Hope this is of some help.


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