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    Re: Excel find replace bug

    OK I have fixed it, but if anyone else is interested the problem was caused by the user selecting and copying the word he wanted to replace from the formula bar, then he would click off the cell to get out of edit mode. Excel will take this as an edit to this cell even though nothing has been changed, and since all the other worksheets are selected the cell is pasted across them!! The Find/replace part was all a bit of a red herring!


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    Excel find replace bug

    Hi Guys,

    I have just had a user with quite a strange excel problem that I haven't seen before. I am going to report it as a bug unless any of you guys knows a valid reason for it happening. Here's the problem :-

    1)You have a spreadsheet that has data that covers a lot of workbooks. There is a number of words in the worksheet that you want to replace, say you want to replace the word BUILDING with Building.

    2)You select all the workbooks by selecting the end one and holding down shift and selecting the last one.

    3)Go to the worksheet with the word BUILDING on it, highlight it and press CTRL C.

    4)Click off the cell

    5)Go to EDIT...REPLACE

    6)In the "find what" field press CTRL V

    7)In the "replace with" field enter Building.

    8)Click replace all.

    9)Now this is where I get a problem, the word BUILDING is replaced correctly on all sheets but the entire cell that you highlighted the word BUILDING in is copied across all sheets.

    I am using Excel 97 SR-2(h)


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