Failed install of an external USB HD resulted in all the cdroms and usb ports being erased.

Can't find anyway to ADD a device to the msconfig only change and delete.

Autodetect does not seem to work now either.

I vaguely recall that long ago I could manually force a usb drive number to start working when the install failed to finish correctly.

But this time the failed install deleted all knowledge of cdroms and usb ports.
All we can use is the floppy if we need to read data in.

Anyone with ideas on how to recover the cdrom at least so we can use the original win disks?

we may have a problem because mscdex.exe does not seem to be used
but there is some gscdex.exe that the vendor replaced it with.
but not sure where it is or how to make it show up.

trying to match autoexec config.sys etc. but so far have not succeeded in finding a combo that would make the cdroms come back. maybe because i need to somehow force awareness of their existence back into msconfig hardware ?

any ideas at all ????