Hello, I have had some problems with games on my Thinkpad T-21, I am not sure if this is only for OpenGL or also direct3D

The video side is about glitches, in Half-Life, Unreal gold, Unreal Tour GOTY and I think also Serious Sam, and who knows what other games I may install later that get the glitch.

half-life only has the glitch in OpenGL mode

unrealgold/UT/serious sam has it in all modes, I am going to patch unrealGold to 277I to see if it fixes anything.

The glitch I am talking about is: objects/structures glitch through planes, For example: A dead body is ontop of roof, you walk under the roof and see the body through it, sometimes also when you arent even inside the house yet.

Objects that are slightly far away glitch through the wall that they are on, or show rough edges, light errors like dark-light-dark-light-dark =-=-=-=

A tree on a hill can be seen trough the hill when you are standing at the bottom (Seen in UnrealGold)

The Audio part:

Games like I mentioned above hang for a split second sometimes, half-life does this when it loads a sound (I think) this might also be true for other games, but they seem to do it more at random, could this be a hdd problem ?

This also happends with the game BLOOD, so much so that I really can't play it.

I am eable to make videos and screenshots of this if you want.

Graphics Processor
AGP 2x - S3 Savage/IX - 8 MB SGRAM
Supported Display Graphics
XGA (1024x768)
Compliant Standards
Sound Blaster 16/Pro
it runs direct3D 9 with I think opengl 1.2, 1.1 or 1.1.1

Drivers installed from http://download.lenovo.com/lenovo/content/ddfm/T21.html
Either Audio Driver or Audio Driver III for windows 98/98SE
Video driver (SavageIX8) for Windows 95/98/Me - ThinkPad A22e, T2*