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    linux installation difficulties

    hello everyone;

    i have two machines, an Asus Eee PC1001PX notebook and a HO dx5150 on which i want to install Linux in partitions i created, sized and labeled using EaseUs Partition Master. I also made (in each machine), two of those partitions Primary to enable selection at booting instance. Both machines are running Windows 7 Home Premium.

    attached is a pdf file showing the details of what i am indicating above.

    this is what i want:

    desktop: i want to install Ubuntu v. 15.10 in Y: and to have (when i boot), the option to SELECT which OS to use.
    recalling the "good old times" of XP, i downloaded from Ubuntu site their iso file which i burned into a DVD.
    through F9, i changed the booting source into DVD drive, placed the just burned DVD, and got option to explore or install.
    selected to install, but this time, Ubuntu DOESN'T (or seems to me it does not) give me the option to DIRECT IT into which partition to reside.
    furthermore, it appears to me that it tries to overwrite the whole HDD, and have W7 as a virtual drive (just an impression, so pls correct me if i`m wrong).
    iirc, 5 or 10 years ago i explored Ubuntu and i WAS ABLE to achieve this "dual booting", and i recall i had the CHOICE to select the OS to operate.
    if i'm right in this assessment, could please someone help? (either by indicating WHAT to do, or pointing me to OTHER Linux distro which would do this (Linux Mint?)).

    notebook: same expectations as above, only difference is that being this an Eee, i would install Easy Peasy, which seems created for this type of machine.

    any suggestion, recommendation, alert will be greatly appreciated.


    daniel rozenberg.
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