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    Microsoft apps on Android

    Well the list is out, and my HTC One M8 will not be getting Windows 10 even though I've been in the fast ring for a while. Being on Verizon, leaves me with very few options. One is to abandon Verizon after 10 years of great service and look at either AT&T or T-Mobile to stay with Windows 10, or abandon the Windows 10 Mobile all together and go with a Galaxy or something. So my question is what kind of experience are people on Android having with Microsoft Office, especially Excel and OneNote. As well as Cortana.
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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I also have paid for M S Office 2016 which is installed on my PC and includes a copy for a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. There is supposed to be a version of M S Office that runs on Android, but every time I have tried to intall Word on my Note 5, the download will not even start because it shows "The current version of Word is Not Compatable With Your Device" (or similar messge). I have installed OfficeSuite Professional by MobiSystems, Inc. and it works just like M S Office. If you already have a Microsoft online account set up, you can install other M S apps that sync your docs just like your pc does and read them on either device. If you have Amazon Prime, they have lots of "Actually free" Android apps you can download. Don't let M S hold you hostage for a few software applications, get the Samsung phone and you will be a lot happier. I am sure they will eventually release Word for my Android device,but I really don't even need it now. I use Consumer Cellular and recommend them highly.
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