I'm preparing a presentation in PowerPoint, but I need some graphics that are beyond its capabilities, so I'm preparing the graphics in Visio 2013, writing them to picture files, and inserting them in the slides.

I'm writing the files in WMF format. It's the only format I've found that doesn't rasterize text, creating a terminal case of jaggies.

The problem: some shapes don't appear in the WMF files. In a typical image there are 12 lines,10 rectangles, one other shape, and one bit-map image; everything is rendered correctly in the WMF file except three of the rectangles, which don't appear at all.

I've tried some tricks to make the missing shapes appear, such as selecting all of the shapes (Select All) and selecting all of the shapes individually in various orders. So far nothing has worked.

Does anyone know what is going wrong here, and how to fix it?