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    How not to sync Contacts in Android 6+?

    This is a long-winded lead-in to my questions but might help to narrow the range of possible responses... On a new Moto Pure Edition with a Verizon SIM installed but not yet activated, each time I attempt to directly add a name and phone number to Contacts I get a pop-up that it will be synced with a gmail account. No thank you. I prefer not to share my contact list with Google or any other data aggregator. Of course VZW (and probably others) will have a record of all calls and could eventually rebuild my contact list, albeit without my notes, associated email addresses, etc. (I pay for in $ rather than in personal information.) So, my questions... Is there a way to avoid syncing my Android contact list with Google, VZW or the like? Is there another contact/phone list manager that doesn't sync? Is it possible to import contacts from Thunderbird running on Ubuntu without going through a third-party? Is there a way for phone numbers in a PDF or XLS file opened in LibreOffice Viewer to be linked to the Android Dialer? Thanks in advance. KNS
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