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    Want to Learn PowerShell?

    Hey Y'all,

    If you're interested in learning PowerShell there is a very good set of 9 videos on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. I'm through the first 4 and I've learned a lot I didn't know even though I'd read 3 books and been programming in PS for over 2 years now. I highly recommend these videos.

    Here's a link to the the series: Advanced PowerShell 3.0

    Download the Slide Shows (powerpoint) for each topic to follow along!

    Note: You do not have to join (you'll get prompted) buy why not it's free and you use your MS Account to signup.
    Even though PS is now in Version 5 these videos are fully relevant and all skills transfer up the line.

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    RG, can you make this a sticky please - saves trying to find out when one's ready to look at it!
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