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    Question If Windows Update doesn't offer an update rollup, can I ignore it?

    Dell XPS8700, Win8.1, 64 bit. Clean install done Aug 16 using a Media Creation Tool download. Installing updates took 11 hours. Result: Boots, seems to be running ok. I am not being offered any of the rollups beyond KB2919355 [April rollup] which shows up in Installed Updates. I don't see KB3021910 [Apr 2015 Service Stack Update], May or June rollups [superseded by July rollup], July rollup [KB3172614], or Aug rollup [KB3179574]. In fact, I haven't had any updates offered by WU since the original build. I check for updates and everything seems ok. Should I just assume MS knows what is installed on my system from the MCT clean install? Do I just wait for the next rollup [Sep? Oct?] to be offered by WU? I'm really uncomfortable with an 'act of faith' that WU is on top of this.

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    The best test for updates is to see if Malicious Software Removal Tool is offered - I have the August 2016 version showing, KB890830.

    You can list updates with this command. Start > Run, %comspec% /c wmic qfe list brief /format:htable >%temp%\u.html & %temp%\U.html
    As an example, my last update shows KB3167685, Adobe Flash Player Update.

    cheers, Paul

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