I'm doing some housekeeping on my iPhone, removing old apps I no longer need/use. I am wondering if I should keep/remove the following apps:

BBM (Blackberry Messenger): Any reason to still use it or as the world moved onto iMessage, SMS, and Facebook Messenger?

Google+: I don't heavily interact with my Google+ profile. It's kind of just there. I use Facebook and Twitter mostly.

Microsoft Health: I'm considering using this one to get health data from my phone to sync with Cortana (such as activity tracking). Is this the app I'd need on my phone in order to get health/activity data to appear in Cortana?

Microsoft RD Client: Is there any reason for me to keep around Microsoft's RD client? I've been using Citrix ShareConnect for remote access.

Scanner Pro: I use this to scan and email documents to people, but I've noticed there's now Office Lens. Can Office Lens be used to scan/email documents to people making Scanner Pro redundant?

WebEx: I have a free account with Cisco WebEx for small meetings. I also have Skype for Business though. Any reason to keep the WebEx app installed if I also have/use Skype for Business?