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    Quote Originally Posted by CEScott
    I have a quick and hopefully easy to answer question. I've been getting familiar with Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3 and I tried inserting a flashdrive (FAT32) into a USB port. It worked fine and I could see all the files. I haven't tried this yet with an external USB hard drive which is already formatted to NTFS, and is 60 Gig. My question is - will it be okay to plug in the external hard drive and not run any risk of harm to the drive or format?
    By default, Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon will auto-mount any USB drives that are connected to it and display an icon for the mounted drive on the desktop. To make sure that no harm comes to it, always un-mount the drive before physically disconnecting it, especially if you have been accessing data on it.

    From the desktop, right-click on the drive's icon and select the Safely Remove Drive option:


    If, for any reason, you cannot see the drive icon on the desktop, you can view/open the drive using Menu > Places:


    Once open, you can use the Safely Eject button to the right of the drive in the Devices list:


    Doing either will release any file locks then un-mount the drive cleanly, thus protecting your data.

    Hope this helps...

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    Thanks to all of you, that puts my mind at ease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillWilson View Post

    3. With Linux installed will I be able to use the screen on the old laptop as a second desktop for my Win10 system?
    I don't know of any software that will let you use a second computer as an extension of your primary computer desktop screen but there are several programs that will let you use a single keyboard and mouse across several computers.

    It might get a little confusing if you want to run a windows program from computer A or access a file from computer A on Linux computer B but you can certainly open a browser or email client on computer B while you work on computer A. I don't think you'll be able to simply drag anything from computer A to computer B but you can work side by side.

    It would be an interesting idea to run a remote session of computer A on computer B with some program that could seamlessly allow the mouse to pass from a local desktop on computer A to a remote desktop of computer A on computer B. I don't see that as being any more complicated than sharing a keyboard/mouse across several computers but I have never heard of a program to do that.

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    Thanks for the info about using one keyboard with two computers. That would be another way for me to make use of the older laptop. I'll have to try it.


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