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    MicroSD card error - Windows Phone can't proceed!


    Recently I had a problem of sudden shutdowns of my Microsoft Lumia 640XL. The diagnostic message after restart is somewhat like "SD card corrupted", with a possibility to run a check. However, running the checking utility does not change situation at all, except a possibility for another shutdown and making all SD-based apps inaccessible.

    I have run a check of SD on my computer; it seems perfect. Desiite that, I replace the "problem" MicroSD with a fresh one and re-install the most useful apps; the error continues. A hardware diagnostics reveals no problems with an SD slot or other hardware components; I suppose a Windows Phone problem. Which measures I can take to remove or just disclose a source of this problem?

    Best regards.

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    Unfortunately, I have found through acquaintances or family members, that there seems to be no way to get Windows Phone past that phase. Even a factory restore hasn't been able to solve the issue, in my experience.

    Windows Phone seems quite picky about SD cards and once it starts stating there are problems, I have never been able to recover from them.

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    What brand of MicroSD card are you using?
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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