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    Medical PowerShell?

    Hey Y'all,

    As some of you know I recently (3 months ago) had knee replacement surgery. Everything went extremely well and I've even played some mild tennis the other day. However, one thing that was giving me trouble was completing my physical therapy exercises at home. The exercises require counting reps and timing the holds and rests. Well my drug addled mind was having a problem keeping track. My better half pitched in but it quickly got boring (three times a day) and she started to loose track!

    So I thought I should be able to program my computer to do this simple counting work. PowerShell to the rescue of course. This actually worked so well, for me at least, I thought I'd pass it along for anyone else that could find it useful.

    Along the way I learned some new PS techniques while improving this program:
    1. Have the program automatically setup a shortcut on the desktop w/hotkey to make it easier to start.
    2. Make PS talk to me so I wouldn't have to look at the screen, just have the keyboard on the floor with me.
    3. How to make ScriptBlocks from strings.
    4. Retrieving an array from a CSV file.
    5. How to check to see if an Assembly is loaded.

    So even if you don't need to do PT maybe you can pickup some useful PS techniques. In the attached zip file there are three files:

    Invoke-PTExerciseRoutine.ps1: Original version that has a small code block to call each individual exercise.
    Invoke-PTExerciseRoutine-File.ps1: Original version modified so it reads the exercise parameters from a csv file which means you can change the regime w/o writing any code!
    Exercises.csv: A sample exercise routine. This file can be created with any spreadsheet program that will write a file in MSDOS CSV format. You can also use an editor that writes out plain text files.

    Here are the Files:

    As always comments welcome, especially if you have a better way...always looking to improve my PS skills.

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    As some of you know I recently (3 months ago) had knee replacement surgery.
    I am one of those who was not aware of your surgery. Best wishes on your recovery. Hope no complications arise.

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    I'm sure that we all wish you continued recovery, RetiredGeek.
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