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    Question Performance Impact of Low Drive Space

    drive space.jpg

    Our fileserver shows 20.1 GB free of 694 GB.

    Will this effect performance?

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    Probably not, assuming the disk running out of space is only storage. If it's C: you will have one slow server due to paging and disk thrashing - unless it's an SSD, in which case you'll see slow disk performance due to TRIM not keeping up. If it's not C: ignore it until your users complain, then you'll be playing catch up trying to fix it.

    Basically, it's a small drive and needs to be upgraded sooner rather than later.

    cheers, Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Zeno_ View Post
    Will this effect performance?
    To expand on what Paul said... Like many things, it depends. If that is a Windows server (with a version of Windows running on it) or if the files it contains are constantly being changed, added, deleted then you are getting to the point where the space shortage will start to have an impact.

    If it's something like a NAS and is mainly used for long-term storage of files that are rarely touched, then no, it shouldn't have an impact.
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    It could affect performance.

    If you do a lot of file changes, and as the drive gets full, the drive has to start assembling free blocks of space together to make room for each file. This is always true to some extent and the system does so reliably, but with minimal free space the amount of such work required can become a problem.

    Let's see, your drive is 97.1% full. It's a relatively modern drive though so even at such high utilization rates, you still have ~20 GB free. I don't have a good handle on how much impact you should be seeing right now. My gut says that you are pushing the line though.

    Best not to wait until your system crashes. Once upon a time 20 GB free would have been an ocean, a surfeit, a veritable plethora of available space! Nowadays, not so much.

    And that is the real risk I would say, not slow performance, but a total system halt.

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