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    Project corruption

    I am using Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. I installed VS 2017, opened a project, decided the new compiler error messages were not worth the major effort to resolve, uninstalled VS 2017, and reinstalled VS 2015. While that was not as smooth as I might have liked, VS 2015 is now operating properly. However, the project I was working on does not behave properly. Although it compiles with no problem, the resource editor does not recognize ActiveX controls. Specifically, I want to add a web browser control to a dialog box. I add the control and then select "Add variable" from the context menu. The "Add variable" dialog box does not recognize the fact that it is a control I want to have a variable to, but just assumes I am adding a standard variable (int, double, etc.) and there is no connection to the control. I have attached a screen shot of the "add variable dialog box". It is showing the problem with a CEdit control rather than the web browser control, but the behaviour is identical.

    I created a new test application project to determine whether the problem was with the installation of VS 2015 or specific to the project noted above. The test application had no problems and was able to insert the web browser control, define a variable to that control and subsequently access the control to display the same HTM file I am trying to display in the primary project.

    I can, of course, completely redo the primary project, starting from scratch and adding classes, functions and resources, but that is a major amount of work. Can anyone offer me ideas on how to repair the primary project? If I need to supply additional information I can do that, but at this point I do not know what other information might be helpful.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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