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    Which one is better for SEO Wordpress or Wix?

    Hi everyone, i have been using wix for a while and its been quite good to me, had no real issues with it.

    I have been told by lots of people i should switch over to Wordpress as the SEO is better for this true?

    I wanted to start a website promoting Music Artist (Videos) is it best i go for a Blog style website to give it a different look or do i stick to a normal video layout website?

    I feel wordpress has huge potential but it looks very limited. I have gone through most of the interface and you can barely do anything to your website but change fonts, logo, background and thats it. The themes are nowhere near as good as Wix Free themes. I was told Wordpress is free also but how can it be when you need to sign up to a monthly hosting.

    can anyone help with which idea i should go for..?

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    The free version of WordPress, which is hosted at Wordpress itself, has many limitations in terms of plugins and other features. For much better flexibility a hosted solution will give you the ability to be more creative. If you want to go "big time" then running WordPress on a VPS is the way to go, but that's more pricey but gives much more bandwidth. You are limited (fonts, colors, etc.) with the basic themes that are provided but you can create child themes and use whatever CSS and HTML to get the look and feel that you're after. It can get a little technical so if CSS, HTML and PHP intimidate you then there's a plugin for that.

    If you're in this for the long run then register your own domain and find a WP hosting provider. I just spent a bunch of time researching WP providers and 1&1 kept coming up as one of the best WP hosting companies; I'm in the process of migrating my site to 1&1.

    Here's another resource to help answer the many questions you may have about WP; Use their search tool for 'SEO' and you'll have plenty of reading material.

    There's a lot of free plugins to get you started but you might end up paying for one or two to get the features you need.

    I've never used WIX so I can't help with any comparisons to WP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostwriter View Post
    Wordpress as the SEO is better for this true?
    I've never used Wix, but haven't heard anything bad about it. A few people I know with small Wix sites are happy, but they're not focused on SE performance.

    I wouldn't worry much about which you use, you're presumably not doing anything major [or you'd use a hosted domain] so you're not going to rank highly for competitive keywords anyway—music and music videos KWs are hugely competitive. Your site platform choice of Wix v WP won't make any real difference.

    website promoting Music Artist (Videos)
    If Wiki's info…
    Comparison of free web hosting services
    …is correct, Wix won't do—look at the bandwidth, storage and filesize limits.

    Of course, WP's storage limit isn't great for videos either, and there's no such thing as the "unlimited" claimed for the other main content resources. Make sure whatever solution you end up considering can handle your anticipated file loads.

    is it best i go for a Blog style website to give it a different look or do i stick to a normal video layout website?
    I doubt you'll get a different look via blog-style—isn't that the most common style of site on the web? By "normal video", do you mean like YouTube, Vimeo etc?

    A decent choice is to mimic whatever kind of site your target audience is currently used to. If they all hang on YouTube & Vimeo, then go for that style. Give your visitors what they're used to, don't make their life difficult just for the sake of it with a different layout they have to figure out. Web surfers are NOT patient or forgiving.

    If this is to be more than a hobby fan site for the short-medium term, then Bender's advice is sound. Long-term you must control your domain and hosting, so you're protected from these companies going out of business or changing their terms or fees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mishal View Post
    i prefer WordPress is better for seo

    cheers, Paul

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