This is my situation:

I have a number of PCs/Laptop in the household, all running W10 and with Office365 for all. This works.

We all use android smartphones and use google accounts to store contacts and calendar and whatnot.

I picked up a used but mint-condition Surface RT and have applied all Updates. It works fine but for this:

I cannot sync google contacts with the People App (I think it is called that in english, you probably know what it means)

I have read that MS and Google have broken this to keep their gardens nicely walled off.

What I really don't get is this

1 - I can sync google contacts to the People /Contact App on another Windows 10 but this will not work on Surface RT. I can choose add an account, it will tell me everything is fine and that my contacts will be arriving shortly. Not so. And the app only shows "connected with" and the outlook/exchange logo. If I go to add account again, it will only show and let me add a google account, but nothing will happen.

2- I can sync the contacts used on the surface with google contacts, they will show up online. But apparently there is no way to tell the Surface, hey, there are Google Contacts in your system.

My Workaround is to pin the Browser with the google URL and admin my contacts and calendar there.

What does work: Mail App, no problem with the Surface Account. Outlook 2013 RT, no problem syncing mail, does not see ANY contacts.

Any ideas?

Best solution: I would really like to be able to use the apps and to use the contacts in all the other apps (Mail etc.).

Alternative good solution: Get contacts and calendar from Google to sync with Outlook on the Surface RT.

Please note, this is an issue I have with a Surface RT, so any additional software you suggest would have to run on it too.

Thanks in advance for your help.