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    Post Advice about setting up a Windows Server 2016 environment and roles

    I am planning to buy a few Intel mini PCs in order to setup a Windows Server 2016 environment. I am doing this for fun and learning purposes - server administration and technical support interest me, even though I no longer work in that field. It is my goal to simulate faults and etc. in order to learn more about server administration and technical support - I know it would probably be better to get a good PC and setup a few VMs on it but I don't like the feel of VMs that much and would prefer to have physical cores. I am looking for advice on how exactly to setup my environment. The roles I wish to install are:

    Active Directory Certificate Services
    Active Directory Domain Services
    Active Directory Federation Services
    Application Server
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server
    DNS Server
    File Services
    Network Policy and Access Services (I plan to have 1 core/PC function as a router and the rest be behind it on a separate network)
    Remote Desktop Services
    Web Server (IIS)
    Windows Server Update Services

    maybe Windows Deployment Services - depending on whether the PCs have Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) boot ROMs

    I know it's a best practice to have each core/domain controller with only one role, but I think I can allow the router and DHCP to function together, for example, I believe they wouldn't bother each-other right?

    What would you say?

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    You can run all of those on one server or on mutitple VMs (preferable as you can easily trash servers that don't work and re-create from a template).
    Explaining how to create those would take a week of face to face so I wouldn't want to try to do it here. What we can do is help where you are stuck.

    cheers, Paul

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