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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron M View Post
    OK, I must admit, you have me now. I am not sure what you mean by the "main one" when referring to HTML files. It is also unclear to me what the "<H3" tags are all about. I suspect I have reached the limit of my techie knowledge. Any clarification? Thanks.

    Thanks for the suggestion on "open all in tabs" to see which ones no longer work.

    Ron M
    The main one is your original html bookmark file - best not to overwrite that, though you can easily recreate it. You don't need to understand what the <H3 tags do, they are just useful as a delimiter to the text you want AddrView to process. Coochin's suggestion might be the best way forward for you - copying and pasting is much better than typing - especially URLs which can quite long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coochin View Post
    You shouldn't "have to type every one of them individually". You can use Copy'n'Paste to build your list using a table in Word (e.g.: a two-column table w/ "Name" and "Location" headings).

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    In Firefox click on the "Bookmarks" menu then right-click on the bookmark you want then left-click on "Properties". The bookmark's "Name" field should be already be highlighted, if not then triple-click in the name field to highlight the name, then right-click in the "Name" field then left-click on "Copy". Then switch to your Word document, right-click in the appropriate field in the table then left-click on "Paste".

    Using the above method you should be able to build your list easily and quickly (and avoid typos).
    Coochin, thanks for the information and the process on how to do this "cut and paste" process. It should make things a lot easier and, hopefully, faster.

    Ron M

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