I wanted to put an update to my previous post on this topic, but apparently that post has disappeared.

To recap: I wanted to move my DSL modem to a different room, which was going to require that I relocate the DSL phone jack to the new location, or install an additional jack in the new location. We swapped the computer room and the dining room, and there was no working phone jack in the new computer room. But I really didn't look forward to having to crawl up under the house in order to run phone wire to the new location. However, I had an Ethernet cable going from one room to the other, and I figured I could somehow use the Ethernet cable as a phone wire, thereby keeping me from having to crawl up under the house. I asked advice about using a CAT-5 Ethernet cable as a phone line.

Update on the above: I took all of the skirting off of the side of the house between the old and new locations for the phone line. This minimized the amount of time / space that I would need to spend under the house. I removed the long Ethernet cable that I had run, because I hated to waste a good long Ethernet cable. I then patched in some more phone line and moved the jack from the old location to the new. End result: there are no wires or jacks in the new dining room - I'm sure my wife appreciates that! And I'm all set in the new location.

Another thing: I've been wanting to purchase a DSL modem for a while, because I got tired of renting one from the phone company. Also, I wanted to have full control over the router; but I couldn't get into all areas of the rental router. But looking at the prices of a DSL modem gave me pause. Turns out my local phone company sells what they call a "pass-through modem" for $25. I can then use my own router. I just happened to have a Netgear N300 router, which I connected to the pass-through modem. So I now have a faster, more secure wifi connection than I had with the rental DSL modem, I have full access to all areas of the router, and I no longer have to pay rental on my modem!

Another thing: I recently purchased a Canon MX-490 (?) printer/scanner/copier/fax. The only thing I need to do to get my fax machine working is to purchase a DSL filter. So now I'll have a working fax machine, in addition to all of the above!