I came across Krita last month, and my better half, who is an artist, has been using it since. It's the first digital art program she's given more than an hour to, and she's only using mouse & keyboard—could be really good with a Wacom or similar art device.

It's free, has layers & masks, and stabilizers for shaky hands. Want some foliage in the foreground? Use the grass tool, then the shrub tool. You don't get the same clump or shrub repeated, Krita varies what successive 'clicks' will produce—very cool.

Krita Gemini is for both desktop and tablet-touch, available via Steam for $10. Scroll down for reviews, Steam users generally post useful hands-on experience.

I'm not an artist, but I like good software, and Krita impresses my layman's eye. I might even try a stick man…