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    MS Access Lookup file

    When I build a lookup field in any table, Access wants to store the data as text instead of the primary key unless I give some minor width to the ID Part of the look up.

    If I tell Access to hide it, the ID key, it stores the text. When I set the columns to "two", and the primary key column to 0.01 inch it stores the ID key.

    I must be doing something wrong, eh?

    Oh yes, MS Access 2016 running on Windows 10.


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    Are you trying to work with a Combo box? If so, you must specify the number of the bound column in it's properties for things to work right. Also note that the column numbers start with zero (0) for the left-most column. On the other hand, if you are trying to use lookup fields in the view of a table, it is generally considered bad practice to let users work that way. Forms are the preferred way of viewing and editing data from tables. Also, what sort of ID key are you using? Autonumber keys are generally recommended to maintain referential integrity. Post back if any of this doesn't make sense in your situation.

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