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    Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup

    DC will take a few minutes to analyse the C:\ drive then display a dialog w/ a list of checkboxes, but it is best to click the "Clean up system files" button which does a much more thorough job of freeing up space (but can take several minutes analyzing).
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    Thanks Coochin, will do that as well...

    Had a look at temp folders etc...., They are now empty using default ways, some .bat methods, manually search and delete method etc.
    Even though I don't use IE as default browser, it still seems to gather temps.

    What I now suspect is resident library and .dll files from some default installs and non default folder installs and un-installs
    Heaps of files dating back to 2009 when using CCleaner duplicate file finder, it's saved txt file is 1.92Kb listing everything.

    ( I only got this pc early this year, the guy did say he "deleted everything and re-installed Win7, yeah riiight )
    The Win 7 Pro 32 and 64 twin CD set is authentic btw, had it checked.

    Dabling with some beginner classes in programing, un-install, update to later versions etc etc. messed up here and there, lots of "start agains"
    with pc _frustrated_dummy_spits.
    This learn curve may have bloated everything due to duplicate library and .dll files that don't get un-installed

    I think I'm gonna save what I need, and just re-install Win7 Pro, Office 2010 and the things I know about.
    Then start fresh with the other programming courses one by one.
    Fortunately the geek at the pc repair shop, knows me....been there a few times during the XP days.

    A well trodden path no doubt

    All my Excel VBA projects are safe, no duplicates there. Something I do right at least, can't blame those.

    It's the weekend, Ozzie football finals are happening, the business end of the season....
    will fix it all when time permits, suggestions welcomed.


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