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    HP Stream 11 Notebook revisited

    I had very few complaints about Windows 8/8.1 but there were a few. In the main, I disliked the tiles and all the behavior(s) which shocked me by virtue of the newness and unfamiliarity. I decided that I liked the engine but I didn't like the upholstery (so to speak). Eventually I migrated all my Windows 7 and 8.1 computers to Windows 10.
    Hindsight tells me that I might have adapted to Windows 8 more readily if I had chosen to run Classic Shell (which is now open source), or one of the other start menu replacements.

    I wrote about moving my 6yo granddaughter's pink HP TPN-Q154 Notebook from Windows 8 to 8.1, and then from 8.1 to Windows 10, and posted my experiences here in the Lounge. (Those associated posts disappeared when the Lounge disappeared a few months ago, not to reappear when the Lounge returned.) To briefly recap, I was able to suffer through the lack of internal memory, the small hard drive (which is actually an SSD), finding the proper driver file for the touchpad, and so forth; and I eventually succeeded in moving her to Windows 10 Home (free). One helpful webpage during the transition was this one. All that happened in the latter half of 2017.

    I'm only posting here today, to add the fact that since the time when I shoved a 64GB SDHC card (in an adapter) into the card slot of her notebook (which thus became E: drive) the problems essentially disappeared. Part of the reason is that I moved her \Documents, \Pictures, \Music, \Videos and \Downloads to E: drive. That means that the pictures and other files she creates don't take up space on her C: drive. Since then the laptop has had no problems whatsoever in updating (or upgrading) itself.

    One day (anticipating possible problems upgrading from version 1709 to 1803) I asked my (now seven-year-old) granddaughter to bring her "laptop" to me so I could check it out. She wagged it downstairs to me and I soon discovered that it was already running Windows 10 version 1803!

    So, once again, I say, "If you have one of those (pink, blue or purple?) "toy" HP Notebooks from a few years ago, you really should consider upgrading it to Windows 10. That little "toy" her father bought her for about $200 is still going strong!

    Although, admittedly, it would almost certainly still run Windows 8.1 with very few problems, too. (I still have an image of her system from back when it was Windows 8.1 so I may restore it some day -- just for kicks.)
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