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    A bit lost - but excited to be here

    Just wanted to throw my hat in and say hi. I've been using computers since the Commodore VIC-20, my first big 3-figure purchase was a 300 bps modem for it... and yet to get my Lenovo laptop (Win 10 home) and a new Win 10 Pro Desktop to communicate over a wired network had me completely stumped. By reading a post that sounded somewhat similar in nature and following the advice in it, I now am dumping loads of data from my laptop to my new home server. Yes, I used the thanks button there for lumpy95's response I think it was.

    As an aside - the new server is here cause I lost an external drive and YEARS of data late last year. Paid Drivesavers a pretty chunk of change to get just the JPGs back (thank god) - but now it's time to use my experience and a little less cash to keep data safe. That's how I found WS in the last week of 2018... trying to figure out how a Win10 home server might work... considering somehow 10 Pro and 10 Home don't seem to want to talk to each other (relatives at the holiday dinner table??).

    I'm thinking I'm going to map out my setup, as I have a modem, router, 2 switches (need more), and a range extender - not to mention my laptop on a USB doc plus several connected devices. Seems like my network is a bit fragile. That's another point of this post... I don't even know what to ask or where to go to learn how to understand Win10 network intended structure. As an example, my laptop says it's currently connected via wire to my extended router network. Kind of impossible as my range extender isn't hard wired.

    Anyway, I hope I can contribute soon, as I have had years of "getting stuff to work", and I want to know how things really work beyond E-IDE computers (my last full computer build) - and looking forward to participating.

    Thanks y'all.

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    I moved this to the Networking forum. If you have other Windows 10 problems/questions please post in the Windows 10 forum. If you have questions about backup and recovery please use the Maintenance forum.

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    Welcome to the Lounge lecatlin.
    You are sure to get an opportunity to help folks if you hang around.
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    Welcome to WS Lounge, Lecatlin. See you around the water cooler—unless that's around your CPU
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