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    Please help create Outlook Task reminder from the spreadsheet attached

    Hi everyone,
    I tried several days to update some VBA code found here, relative to my subject but i didn't have succes.
    So, if somebody can help me or guide me, please find attached the spreadsheet i'm talking about.
    What i would like to have is :
    - to generate an Outlook Task Reminder based on the date in column L "Next Contact". Start date and Due Date should be in the same day which is the day in column L. At subject should be written the content of column K "Next Action". Body of task should have the text of columns D, E, F and M.
    - to have a Task Reminder Button somewhere in the sheet (i saw something similar at this post : for create manually Task reminder.
    - Avoid to duplicate tasks. Only if are date modifications in column L.
    Thanks in advance !
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    Hi Pokerace,

    Welcome to the forum. If you post a macro free version of your workbook, I will take a look.


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