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    Getting detail for a new record

    I have a form with a subform that filters records from an items table.
    I need information from the form to be autofilled into hidden fields when a new item is created through the subform other than the parent-child link.
    What is the correct function that fires when a new record is created in the subform?

    Normally items are added to tblItems when a job is raised.
    When a Delivery docket is raised, the desired record from tblItems is copied to tblItemsDD and all the required fields are already populated.
    (This is done so that the description and/or quantity can be altered if required without changing the original record)
    ((It has just occurred to me that a better way would have been to give the record alt description and qty fields to use with delivery dockets. Oh well, the problems of home grown, learn as you go, databases))
    Occasionally there is a need to add a record to the delivery docket that doesn't have a matching record in tblItems and it is in these records that I need information placed from the form.

    I'm looking for the equivalent of CTRL+' (Copy from the record above) in tables on particular fields.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction?
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