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    Tremor makes moving/resizing Win10 windows frustrating

    I now have enough tremor that doing some "simple things" is very hard. I need the outside edges of windows to be thicker so I can easily grasp them and resize or move the window. Sometimes I'll have to move across an edge 10 or more times before I can stop in just the right spot to see the <--> appear to grasp. Likewise, all those interior super-skinny vertical lines that become wider when you hover over them, are darn-near impossible to use. I use a mouse because trying to do things with a touch screen is worse because that's moving the entire arm. My indep. computer shop says this can't be done. Can someone make it happen?


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    There looks like there are 2 settings in the registry for Window border width.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\BorderWidth
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\PaddedBorderWidth
    Unfortunately neither of them appear to make any visible change to the window border width when I amend the settings then sign-in/sign-out. I've tried several times with no luck.

    I had an online chat with a support person on the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk and explained that you were having a problem 'grabbing' the borders of windows. After discussing with his colleagues, he confirmed that there is no appropriate setting or registry key in Windows 10 that will increase the border width and actually wrote that it was a design decision (?!).

    He suggested contacting Microsoft Accessibility Feedback. Perhaps give that a go?

    As for the internal vertical lines, the only relevant setting I have found is the vertical scrollbar width setting which you and I discussed in a previous post.

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    Changing the BorderWidth and PaddedBorderWidth values doesn’t give a visual change to the border size, but in my experience, it does effectively put an ‘invisible’ thicker border around a window and subsequently, depending on the changed values, allows a user to show the drag handles/double headed arrow(s) from a greater distance and drag/resize a window from that greater distance and up to the window itself.
    A change may be beneficial to you.

    In my example, I changed the default values from -12/-15, to -40/-180

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    Winaero Tweaker has settings to change the width of both Scrollbars and Window Borders in the Advanced Appearance Settings.

    My guess is it plays with the Registry settings mentioned by Rick & Moonshine, but this app has a good reputation, so worth a shot imo.

    Note that for the Borders change, it says you need to enable the Aero Lite theme—it won't work with the default Win10 theme.
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    You can move a window just using the keyboard.First make sure it is not maximized. (You can do this with the keyboard too - hold down the Windows key and press any of the cursor keys)
    Then press Alt + spacebar.
    In the little window that pops up, select Move. Then you move the window using the cursor keys.
    Hit Enter when you are satisfied with the new position.

    you can resize a window with the keyboard too :
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